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Tutoring for College Students

In 2020, we launched a new initiative geared toward college course preparation. Upon entering college, some students find that their academic skills are lacking in comparison to those of their peers.  While some first-years received high-quality instruction in high school, others find themselves at a disadvantage due to inadequate preparation.


This disparity is perhaps most evident throughout STEM fields; many students who fared well in high school begin struggle with aspects of the pre-med track, which requires familiarity with material that only some students are exposed to prior to college. For this reason, we now offer tutoring to current college students in STEM courses and beyond. All students who find themselves underprepared for college-level courses are eligible for one-on-one tutoring with our volunteers.


Furthermore, since not all college students have the same financial ability to afford GRE & LSAT prep courses, we are offering tutoring in both areas. We hope to offer MCAT tutoring in the near future!

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