Tutoring for Current College Students

In August, 2020, we launched a new initiative geared toward college course preparation. Every student, regardless of their educational and economic background, should be equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in college.


High school success does not guarantee college success. This is perhaps most evident throughout STEM fields, as many students who fared well in high school begin struggle with aspects of the pre-med track. These struggles are often a result of an education system that disadvantages students due to their economic background and/or race. While some students receive adequate preparation for college, others may find themselves at a disadvantage due to inadequate high school curricula


For this reason, we now offer tutoring to current college students. Students who find themselves underprepared for college-level courses are eligible for one-on-one tutoring with our volunteers. We offer free STEM tutoring, writing tutoring, and LSAT and GRE prep. 

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